Turning point! Allieres point to 2 Liverpool shopping results

06 Jun

Gerard Ullier stated that Jurgen Klopp's army was changed to help Liverpool change from front to back, with Fergil van Diike and Alice Song Becker ready to see the championship. Premier League this season will be a top prize for "The Kop" around the world that has been with the team throughout the past.

Sherard Ullier, former manager of the Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League, said that Gil Gilfan Dike and Alesson Becker are two reinforcements that help change the "Reds". Can be a great team like today

Ever since Jurgen Klopp took over the reins of Liverpool in October 2015, he has drawn many players to join the team such as Fanike, Alissong, Sadio Mane, Mo. Hamet Salah and Fabinho, for example, which almost everyone became an important force for the team to the point of winning the UEFA Champions League last season. As well as being able to win the league championship this season

Ullier said: "He bought two very different players, Fanike and Alissong. He saw the weaknesses of the team. And if you look at the team's results since Fandike and Alissong have moved in You will see that it is excellent. I dare to say that they almost deserved the league championship since the previous season. At that time, they lost just 1 game from 38 matches and garnered 97 points. "

"They missed the championship at that time. It was because Manchester City did a great job too and only scored more than 1 point. You have to give credit to Manchester City to play well, which Jergen did. In fact, if you add 1 more season (season 2017-18), you can see that City still won the league by collecting 100 points before they collected 98 points in the season. Next (season 2018-19) that was a great performance. And you have to accept that. "

Ullier added that Liverpool are going to win the league this season. Is like a reward for football fans who have always been loyal to the team. "Liverpool's DNA is winning. The winning streak is a special reward for everyone. They have been waiting for 30 years. It is a trophy that rewards football fans for their honesty. And for everything that they have encountered throughout the past. "

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